7 Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

One way to keep cozy on cold nights sleeping in a tent is the hot water bottle trick—boil some water and carefully pour it into a plastic, sealable water bottle, close the lid tightly and stick it in your sleeping bag before hitting the hay. This will get the bag nice and toasty for when you're ready to crawl in. Or, you can keep it in there while you sleep.

If you're worried about being too hot at night, lay on top of your sleeping bag or even ditch the tent for a simple mosquito net (warning: not rain proof).

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4. Wear Yourself Out

Sleeping in a tent is a lot better after a full day of hiking, fishing, paddling or pedaling than if you just sit around the campfire eating hot dogs all day. Plan on crashing early, since there's less to do outdoors when the sun goes down, and go to bed exhausted.

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5. Improve Tent Placement

You won't be very comfortable when all the occupants and gear slide into one corner of the tent throughout the night. Nor will it feel good in your blood-rushed skull if you sleep with your feet elevated above your head. Pitch your tent on a level surface and arrange your stuff to keep you from sliding around all night.

6. Stay Clean

Even while roughing it, keep yourself as fresh as possible. Nobody likes sleeping a tent with someone who smells like the trails they hiked that day. Use a sock or bandanna to sponge bathe in a creek or water jug, or bring along some baby wipes. Not to mentiaon you sleep much better when you're not sticking to yourself.

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7. Keep it Dry

Sleeping in a tent is the worst when you're half in a puddle of water. Don't risk it and bring a waterproof tarp when camping. Tarps can be made into a canopy, used as a footprint under your tent to keep water from seeping through the seams, and can even be thrown over top of the tent for added rain protection. Camping is never fun when you're perpetually wet, so stay dry at all costs.

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