One Yoga Pose to Get You Through the Work Day

The mid-afternoon can be a difficult time for your body and brain.

Blood sugar levels tend to drop between afternoon and evening, causing your energy level to fall and your brain function to become sluggish due to a lack of oxygen.

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Many folks will reach for a candy bar for a boost of energy or even head to a nearby bar for happy hour. But these "quick fixes" will only add to your fatigue. What is really needed is a natural boost.

What Your Brain Really Needs

A well-balanced diet, exercise, brain activities and plenty of rest are essential elements for a healthy brain. It also needs oxygen. And without the proper circulation of blood—which delivers oxygen—your brain will not function well.

Proper brain functioning requires a balance of proper breathing and the right flow of carbon dioxide and nitric oxide for circulation.

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When you go to the doctor for an exam, one of the vital signs looked at is oxygen saturation. The doctor's office attaches a pulse oximeter to the end of your finger. This tells them how well your blood cells are saturated with oxygen.

This is important because your brain uses about three times as much oxygen as your muscles. Brain cells are sensitive to a decrease in oxygen levels. Brain cells won't function or survive very long without oxygen.

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