Quiz: Do You Need a Running Coach?


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You seem to have your training and racing pretty dialed in and, as long as you're happy with your performance, stay healthy, and are able to achieve your training and racing goals, keep up the good work. You might not need a coach, but you could find that a coach could propel you to heights you didn't think were possible. If you've been running at the same level for months or years on end, and wonder whether it's possible to run even faster or farther, then a coach could help you assess your potential—and provide a progressive plan to get you there.

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16-23 points:

You might be spinning your wheels a bit, running without much consistency, direction or goals. If so, a coach could get you out of your rut and help you realize fitness gains pretty quickly that could get you excited about training and racing again.

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You could be struggling with injury or life/time restrictions. A coach could put you on a path to wellness and, more importantly, provide insight into the root cause of your injury. A coach can also provide an individualized program that focuses more on quality workouts and less on volume if you're time-strapped. Communicate openly with your coach so he or she can make adjustments to your plan if necessary.

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24 points or higher:

No matter what your level, experience or ability is, you need guidance. Whether you're a brand-new runner or a veteran, a certified coach can provide a wealth of knowledge that spans beyond telling you what to run when. The right coach can be a motivator, confidant, trouble-shooter for injury and illness, and, perhaps most importantly, someone who pushes you to realize your capabilities even if you don't know what those may be yet.

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