The Secret to Keeping Your Edge in the Offseason

Mechanical Efficiency

Save the drill work for in-season training and focus on games that involve short, quick sprints, especially in different directions.

  • Play catch or tag with your kids.
  • Chase your dog around the park (or vice versa).
  • Referee sporting events that require you to move around quickly, such as lacrosse, field hockey, or ice hockey.
  • A quick pick-up game of basketball is a nice diversion and also lets you connect with pals you've likely ignored through triathlon training season.


The goal is to make things work together so focus on athletics that require hand-eye coordination.

  • Dribble a soccer ball while going for a jog.
  • Play tennis or ping pong.
  • Try a game of underwater hockey with family and friends.
  • How about a game of Ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee golf? 

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Remember: No rules. You're only limited by your imagination. Be creative and ask your partner, friends or kids about games they might want to play.

This effort is a game-changer in building your athleticism in a whole new way.  Make it a goal to include one item from each category during the offseason and discover how fooling around in new, active ways will help you handle higher training volumes, tougher workout sessions and ultimately race faster next season.

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