Obstacle Racing: Why Run as a Team

Bateman has crossed 16 finish lines just in the past year and with each event his group seems to get bigger and bigger. His advice is to "beg or bribe all of yrou firned and family members to sign up with you.You'll end up being the coolest kid on the block."

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The Tough Mudder was his introduction to the obstacle world and he points out that at that particular event, all runners recite a pledge that states, "I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge/I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time?/I help my fellow Mudders complete the course?"

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For long distance obstacle events, Juha suggests each team member take on a specific role: the Captain, the Mule, the Mother Hen and, if needed, the Navigator. Juha says that one person can also assume two of these roles.

The Captain: The decision maker for the team.

The Mule: Responsible for towing and carrying the majority of team gear, allowing other team members to travel light and fast.

The Mother Hen: Sets the pace for the team, makes sure that people are eating and drinking regularly and keeps the team healthy. The Navigator: When an event involves trekking or navigating, the Navigator is responsible for the maps, route selection and overall strategy.

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And Juha reminds us that teamwork isn't always about doing the activities or racing together—it's also about dealing with a teammate that may not be feeling strong or can't push as hard. "In these challenging moments, you come together as a team, modify the game plan and move forward together," he says.? "In the end, adventure racing has allowed me to grow as a person, find the best friends and community and just have the best adventures I can imagine."

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