What Do Personal Trainers Eat?


Dinner mainly consists of the following:

  • Chicken and vegetables
  • Brown-rice bowls
  • Slow-cooker dishes
  • Breakfast foods, such as egg-white tacos

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Post-Exercise Workout Food/Meal

  • Water during the workout
  • Recovery drink that includes a 4:1 carbs-to-protein ratio (if I've trained hard and perspired more than usual)
  • Meal that's eaten within one hour of working out (e.g., egg whites or Egg Beaters, dash of Colby cheese, pepper, whole-grain or brown-rice tortilla and Tapatio hot sauce)

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Final Considerations

Personal trainers love food. Like you, we battle cravings. We have to do our best to get creative with our meals, so we feel satisfied. We also have to keep portion sizes in mind.

Our biggest nutrition secret for getting our bodies to be calorie-burning machines: eat real, whole foods that are easy to prepare and access throughout the day.

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