Puck Control

Escape Moves

This tip is designed to work on developing defensemen and their puck control. Additionally, the defender's goal is to execute escape moves to alleviate pressure from forechecking forward, while maintaingin control of the puck.

Drills 1. Defensemen start skating backwards with puck. Forward pressures D. D must control puck while at same time pivoting forward and escaping to the boards. D then accelerates up ice away from forward.

2. Coach dumps puck in corner. D skates to puck while looking back up ice to see where pressure is coming from forward. D picks up puck and performs an escape turn towards boards and away form forward while controlling puck. D then accelerates up ice away from pressure.

Drills may be done with or without forwards. Additions – make defensemen make pass to coach or another player after they have performed the escape move.

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