3 Running Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ironman

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Top Three Run Training Pitfalls

The realities of long-distance run training and the impact that it has on your body and your fitness are an important point of discussion. Not only are running injuries the most common setbacks that Ironman triathletes face, they're typically the most debilitating.

So before you head out and train yourself into oblivion, keep in mind these three mistakes to avoid injury.

1. Chasing a Pace

Locking into to a set pace during training is probably more in experienced runners, although many Type A triathletes are naturally vulnerable to this issue. "Chasing a pace" means running to beat your time or a set pace across a given course.

The Solution: Run for a set workout time, not a fixed distance. Focus on time and speed during your interval workouts.

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2. Jumping In" to an Unscheduled Run Event with Friends

Of all the sports we do as triathletes, running is by far the most social. If you're a crazy triathlete, then odds are you used to be a crazy runner...or you know quite a few. Running in a group can be a great alternative to all those solo training hours that can zap your body and soul. But having a group to run with can be a double-edged sword, and can lead to overtraining or injury.

The Solution: Limit surprise events to early in the season, before the training really ramps up. Don't pick an event you don't have the necessary training mileage to complete.

3. Ignoring Early Warning Signs of Overuse Injuries

The human body is an amazing machine, but it's not perfect. The only thing more amazing than what our body can achieve is our capacity to handle discomfort, pain and general suffering. The rewards of running are so great, in other words, than we'll put up with almost anything to keep doing it.

The Solution: Make a point of keeping race day health as your top priority, and make changes as necessary to make sure you keep yourself from getting injured.

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