8 Summer Weekend Adventures

Sunshine on your face, longer days and warm nights mean the summer is here. But, how are you going to take advantage of the summer months? Forget about your rusty old grill out back, and take your barbecue somewhere a little more exciting.

If only for a weekend, sneak away for one of these weekend adventures to make memories you can only get during the long, enchanting days of summer. 

1. Surf in Outer Banks, North Carolina

Grab a surfboard and paddle over to Outer Banks to cool off on a hot summer weekend. Known as one of the most popular surf spots on the East Coast, the Outer Banks offers surfers a weekend of righteous swells and serious sunshine. Thanks to the narrow shelf of this region—most other East Coast waves are flattened by the continental shelf—you can surf Duck Pier to Pea Island and everything in between.

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2. Paddleboard in San Diego

Come to sunny San Diego for a weekend on the ocean as you've never experienced before. Known as stand up paddleboard, this relatively simple activity requires you, a board and a paddle. And, thanks to the nature of the sport, you'll not only enjoy the hot afternoon sun, but get a great workout, too.  

3. Hike the Triple Crown

If you're looking for a hiking adventure this summer, you've just found it. Hiking the Triple Crown is no small feat, leaving even an experienced hiker aching for the finish. To complete the trek you need to traverse the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and finally the Continental Divide Trail. Huffing through 20 long miles in three short days will make it the most productive weekend of the summer.

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4. Beach Hop Georgia's Barrier Islands

If your version of adventure is feeling the ocean breeze on your brow, this is the trip for you. Strip off the stress of home and get into the rhythm of the islands. Hop between each of the four Barrier Islands that are accessible to travelers to enjoy the dizzying enchantment of sun, sand and a long, relaxing weekend.

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