25 Bike Upgrades For $25 Or Less

Finesse Your Shift

Shimano PTFE-coated shift cable—$20

These slick, corrosion-resistant cables ensure smoother shifting on any bike, but especially ones with internal routing.

Righty Tighty

Ritchey 5nm 4mm torque key—$17

It's surprisingly easy to damage costly components by overtightening bolts. Increase the longevity of your parts with this incredibly useful and money-saving torque wrench. It's set to the ideal force for cockpit components on most bikes and is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or seat bag.

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Secure Carbon Parts

Tacx Carbon Assembly Compound, 80-gram tube—$16

The gritty texture increases friction so carbon stems, seatposts, and handlebars stay in place with less torque than they'd otherwise need. That way, there's less risk of overtightening and ruining expensive parts.

Stow Essentials

Jandd Mini Tool Kit bag—$17

This tiny bag has just enough space for a spare tube, CO2, tire lever, and a wadded-up Jackson, making it perfect for riders who reserve their pockets for food, clothes, and a phone. Three hook-and-loop straps secure it to your saddle and seatpost. Once installed, the bag all but disappears--until it's time to fix a flat.

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