25 Bike Upgrades For $25 Or Less

No Mudslinging

SKS Adventure Clip-On fenders—$15

Clip these plastic mudguards onto any 26-inch bike for rattle-free protection from water and grime. Your feet still get wet, but your butt stays dry.

Tame Your Chamois

Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r, 8-ounce tube—$16

Protect your private equipment from chafing with a healthy dose of chamois cream. There are many options, but Paceline is known for its consistency, easy application, and long-lasting comfort.

Free advice! Apply chamois cream to the pad of your shorts before putting them on.

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Trick Out Your Headset

Niner Y.A.W.Y.D.—$13

It's no more functional than a standard headset cap, but this kit lets you install a beer-bottle cap on your headset, boosting your bike's character. The acronym stands for "you are what you drink." Cheers.

Cradle Your Bottles

King stainless cage—$17

Handmade in Colorado, these elegantly simple cages are the perfect counterpoint to bold carbon frame shapes. The steel holds your bottle tight so you'll never suffer pothole-induced thirst again.

Free advice! Grease the bolt threads when installing cages to make them easier to remove and to keep rust at bay.

Stand and Deliver

Greenfield kickstand—$10

Not just a classic accessory, this is a near-mandatory addition to your around-town ride.

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