25 Bike Upgrades For $25 Or Less

Extend Your Reach

Control Tech drop-bar extender plugs—$24

Drops too short? These aluminum end plugs lengthen your reach by a few critical centimeters for extra leverage.

Preserve Your Cleats

Kool Kovers—$19

Cleats wear out quickly when they come into contact with pavement. Kool Kovers--available for Shimano, Look, and Speedplay--help them last longer.

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Beat Down Gunk

Muc-Off Nano Tech bike cleaner—$13

Wet your bike, spray on this biodegradable cleaner, and use a brush to loosen dirt. Rinse thoroughly, then admire the sparkle.

Baby a Chain

ProGold ProLink chain lube—$9

This thin lubricant contains a special formula that discourages grit and grime from accumulating on your chain so it stays cleaner for longer.

Free advice! Apply ProGold, then wipe it off thoroughly by holding the chain with a clean rag and turning the pedals backward.

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No-Mess Tubeless

Stan's NoTubes universal valve stem—$16

Whether you run tubeless tires on your road or mountain bike, Stan's valves make setup smoother. Instead of pouring sealant into the tire before seating the bead--and risking a spill--unscrew the valve's core and inject the liquid through the stem for a mess-free install. Lose your core? A new one is just $2.

Got a Light?

Planet Bike Blinky 7 taillight—$20

Stay safe by making yourself visible on rides that stretch past sundown with this low-profile, easy-to-install light. Seven LED bulbs provide 220 degrees of illumination for visibility up to a mile.

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