25 Bike Upgrades For $25 Or Less

Wrap It Up

Cinelli bar tape—$15

Make your bike feel new again with Cinelli's cork tape. It's grippy enough to keep your palms in place--even when you're sweating--and provides just enough cushion to prevent sore hands. There are colors to match just about any bike.

Free advice! Black bike? White bar tape.

Coordinate Colors

Far and Near brake hoods—$25

Brighten your cockpit with these colorful hoods for Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo levers.

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Fuel at Your Fingertips

SpeedSleev retention system—$19

Instead of cramming one more gel into your jersey pocket, use this elastic strap to secure snacks to your stem.

Fend Off Chain Slap

Frame Wrap—$13 for 7 feet

Wrap this rubber tape around your mountain bike's chainstay to shield the vulnerable spot. Seven feet offers plenty of protection for even the most abused bikes.

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Zipp carbon road bar plugs—$10

Whether you ride a Bush-era beater (the first Bush, that is) or an $11,000 race bike, Zipp's bar-end plugs add a touch of flair that even the most jaded rider in your pack will notice.

Reduce Pedal Play

New cleats for clipless pedals—$25

Sometimes you don't realize how much play is in your pedals until you get new cleats. Most cleats have wear indicators that show when you're due--check them regularly and replace them before they're worn out.

Free advice! Mark the position of your old cleats with a marker before removing them.

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