Tips to Use on Your Next RV Trip

Sanitizing Your RV Water System

Stagnant water in your RV is very common and easily detected. To maintain freshness in your RV water supply, be sure to use the appropriate sanitizing products. A majority of sanitizers are in liquid form and are easy to use. Just mix a pre-measured amount--according to the directions--into your water system and you have fresh water. In most cases no drainage is required.

You can also get quick-dissolving sanitizing tabs that you can drop into your water system. This method is very quick and no measuring is required, just follow the directions.

Another effective sanitizing method involves using household bleach. If you select this method be sure to use 1 fl. oz. per every 8 gallons of water and drain appropriately. Once you can no longer smell the bleach the sanitizing process is complete.

Submitted By: Jennifer White

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Avoid Mold and Mildew in Your RV

One of the top contributors to mold and mildew build-up in your RV is long-term storage. As you would at home, it's always good to air items out every now and again. Follow these three steps to avoid build-up in your RV.

  • Look for mold in moist places such as sinks, showers, toilets, vents and storage compartments.
  • Fix or repair all leaks, damaged caulking and any other item you inspected that showed early signs of mold.
  • Exterminate and treat mold with appropriate cleaners. You can purchase or make your own solution. If you want to make your own try a mixture of tea tree oil diluted in water.

Submitted By: Casey Thatcher

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Pre-RV Trip: How to Check Your RV Battery

Locate your battery and be sure you are checking the 12-volt DC battery and not something connected to the 120-volt AC power supply. Begin running checks on all batteries in your vehicle and keep a record of the results. An RV battery tends to outlast at least two to three car batteries. So make sure you check accordingly.

Submitted By: Bill Moore

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