Plan a Camping Adventure in Joshua Tree


While you should try to see as much of Joshua Tree National Park as possible, there are a few things that you cannot miss before you head home. Be sure to schedule them in at some point during your visit. 

Wildflowers: Brightly hued wildflowers come at the beginning of the year, after fall and winter precipitation has fallen, and spring temperatures begin to rise. Most blooming begins in February at the lower elevations, and more sprout in March and April at the higher desert elevations. Bright yellow, pale white, deep purple and fire red dot the thin tree branches, low-level shrubbery and Joshua Trees.

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Hidden Valley: Filled with boulders the size of buildings, Hidden Valley is a must-see at Joshua Tree. It's the perfect place for families to explore together and even better for climbers who want to try their hand at some cool routes. You can walk a loop through the area, climb and crawl your way around, or do a little of both.

Hidden Valley

Cholla Cactus Garden: This isn't a garden of your usual cacti. These cacti are often called jumping cholla because if you get too close, the needles will attach themselves to you and won't let go. Despite the name, it's not dangerous. Enjoy a short and beautiful walk that makes for a unique experience.

Boy Scout Trail: This is the perfect trail for wildflower viewing in the early spring months. The 8-mile loop moves from high Mojave to low Mojave, allowing you to witness the various geography and geology, which seems to change with each step you take. 

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