4 Drills to Improve Dribbling


The Game

A regular even-sided scrimmage. However, since the object of the game is to encourage and increase the amount of dribbling going on, six small "cone goals" have been set up around the field.

  • Each time a player dribbles through one of the goals, it counts as a point.
  • Goals scored on the big goals count as well.
  • Play with two or three balls to increase the amount of repetitions even further.
Team Dribbling

Coaching Points

  • Here, players now have to make the decision of when to dribble. At first they will dribble all of the time, even if it means going into pressure. So, helping them to see where the open field is helps their development.
  • Use the outside of the foot, or the laces for 'speed' dribbling.
  • Change of pace, change of direction to keep the defenders unbalanced.

This game is especially appropriate for U-8 through U-12 players.

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The Game

Players try to dribble their ball without being tagged. If they get tagged, they exchange places with the "tagger." Have taggers carry a pinnie to distinguish themselves. Hand pinnies over to the player that is tagged and use their ball to dribble.

Players are saved in any one of the 4 bases. Only one player allowed in a base at one time. If a new player enters a base, the old player must leave.

Running Bases


For younger players:

  • Only one tagger
  • Fewer bases
  • Only one player in a base at a time

For older players:

  • More bases and taggers.
  • Two players allowed in each base.
  • Play with fewer balls: can only be tagged if you have the ball. Or, if you don't have a ball (balls must be passed.)

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