6 Weight Loss Power Vegetables

3. Cucumbers

Who doesn't like cucumbers? This popular vegetable is most commonly used in salads, but I like eating them raw with some lime juice. Cucumbers are amazing for skin health. You've probably seen them covering people's eyes at a spa during a facial treatment. This is because they help relieve puffiness and darkness around the eyes. In addition, they help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling, while providing the hydration needed for bright and glowing skin.

Cucumbers are also a great source of silica, which is a mineral used to strengthen the connective tissue that makes up our skin. Other nutrients include vitamins A, C, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium. They are also high in fiber, which further supports weight loss and intestinal health.

4. Bok Choy

I use bok choy in any stir fry or sometimes I just eat it raw. This vegetable has been associated with cancer prevention, particularly lung, colon, prostate and endometrial cancers. This is because it contains compounds called glucosinolates, which help fight cancer.

Bok choy is also high in carotenoids, which support our eye health by preventing cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration. Its potassium content lowers high blood pressure and its low glycemic index helps treat and prevent diabetes.

5. Turnip Greens

Steaming is the best way to preserve nutrition and enjoy the flavor from these vegetables. Turnip greens strongly support our cardiovascular system, protecting against heart attack, heart disease, and atherosclerosis. They are an excellent source of folate, which plays a key role in cardiovascular health.

Turnip greens lower cholesterol and have an anti-inflammatory effect in addition to being strong antioxidants, lowering the risk of oxidative stress in our cells and aiding in detoxification.

6. Spinach

Popeye had this one right. Not only does spinach help strengthen our muscles, it also helps our eyesight, stabilizes our blood pressure, protects our skin, and benefits our neurological health. The nutrients in spinach include potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. It tastes great either raw or cooked.

The vitamin K content in spinach is essential to bone health because it prevents excessive activation of osteoclasts (cells that break down bone).

And the best part about using these vegetables for weight loss is that they can taste great. Happy eating!

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