Quiz: What Kind of Yogi Are You?

The benefits of yoga are endless; not only for your physical strength, but for your inner self. When you step onto your mat, you are able to: reduce stress, create balance, improve strength, gain flexibility and find focus. And when you step off the mat, you can bring these yoga perks into your endurance training or daily life. Maybe you need to break away from work, recover from a race or lose 5 lbs. Every reason varies—just like every yogi does. No matter if you're a fitness junkie or a drop-in yogi, find out your yogi personality and the best way to cross-train.

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Editor's note: This is not meant to be scientific, but entertaining.

What Kind of Yogi are You?

1. How often do you practice yoga?

A. Four times a week to daily
B. One to three times a week
C. Monthly to once in a blue moon

2. My favorite yoga pose is ______:

A. "I'd rather be upside down."
B. Plank pose
C. Child's pose or Savasana

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3. When I'm in Uttanasana, forward fold, I _______:

A. Am at peace.
B. Feel my hamstrings open.
C. Notice I need a pedicure.

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4. My yoga bag contains _____:

A. Straps, two blocks, and a rope for the rope wall.
B. The latest from lululemon's catalogue.
C. I don't have a yoga bag. I just carry my mat. 

5. Do you know your yoga instructor?

A. I am the instructor.
B. We chat after class, usually about the latest race I'm signed up for and what yoga stretches I can do at home.
C. No.

6. After yoga I enjoy eating _______:

A. Homemade Kambucha
B. Power smoothie
C. I try to eat something healthy.

7. Do you practice at home?

A. I have a home studio.
B. I wish I could do more at home, but I feel like going to a yoga class pushes me more. <
C. Practice what?

8. When I walk into a yoga studio, I feel _____:

A. At home.
B. Ready for a good stretch.
C. Weird and intimidated.

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  • A = 3 points
  • B = 2 points
  • C = 1 point

Total your points together to see what type of yogi you are.

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