Dips, Drinks and Dieting

Get a couple 32-ounce water bottles, keep one at work and one at home, and fill it up 2 to 3 times a day. Try to keep flavored carbonated water at home (sans sugars) when you get the craving for soda.

Give it a couple weeks and you'll find your body and mind will no longer crave the sugary beverages. Give it another couple weeks and your friends and family will ask what new skin products you've been using because "your skin looks amazing!"

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There are many other aspects of maintaining a healthy diet, but here is the mental root of it all: using the word "dieting" or "diet" as an action phrase can create an anxiety or fear of failure, even before you attempt to make a change in your life.

A diet is a balanced way of eating that all humans need to function and live a healthy life. It's not a new fad, pill or 12-week quick fix. It's a positive way of eating and living life to our highest potential, so dip, drink and create a fresh diet in your life. Once you start, prepare for the compliments you'll receive about how you're glowing—inside and out.

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