10 Important Steps to Plan Your RV Trip

6. Make Checklists

You should have a checklist for the food you need, the spare parts to have on board and everything in between. Though you can stop and get supplies as needed, save time and money by having everything to start with. Packing even the most obvious items can become overwhelming, and checklists will ensure that you have what you need, when you need it.

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7. Pack in Stages

Instead of packing all at once, take a week to do it, tackling something new each day. For example, take one day to pack games and items to keep children entertained on the road. The next day, move on to kitchen supplies, so on and so forth. When you pack everything at once, you're more likely to forget something important.

8. Secure All Items

Whether you hit a bump or take a turn—if the items in your kitchen aren't secured, you could have a big mess on your hands. Yahoo! contributor Killeen Gonzalez has tried a number of options to secure her RV cabinets, including bungee cords, spring loaded curtain rods and childproof cabinet locks. Her preference? "Personally, I thought the childproof cabinet locks worked the best. They also tend to be fairly inexpensive." Find what works for you and stick with that.

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9. Manage RV Weight

Before hitting the road, you need to coordinate your packing with the legal weight of your RV. Once packed, weigh your RV at a commercial truck weigh station; if over the limit, unload what you don't need until you even out. An easy way to lighten the load: plan on getting water and fuel at each stop, instead of storing it on the rig. This will help reduce excess weight, but may add more time to your drive every day.

10. Check Road and Weather Conditions

Check weather conditions on the day you leave for the RV trip, and make changes in your route and timeline if necessary. Each day before getting on the road, do a quick check to avoid any dangerous conditions.

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