3 Outdoor Workout Routines For Fitness and Fun

If your idea of a scenic workout is sticking to the sidewalk in your neighborhood or counting houses on your morning jog, then it's about time to make some changes.

Leave the urban sprawl behind and hit the trails for fresh air, gorgeous views and a fantastic workout. Moving your workout to hills and hiking trails will do wonders for tightening your tush and sculpting your quads.

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Always doing the same thing, whether on the treadmill or in your neighborhood, won't challenge your body.

Instead, your body will adapt and it will take longer to see results.

You want to work smarter, not harder. Mixing up your route and using tougher terrain will help to kick up the intensity of your average walk or jog. In fact, maneuvering varied trails and paths requires more energy and incorporates more muscles than standard flat-surface workouts. The additional energy required will help you burn more calories, which leads to faster weight loss.

Don't fear the dirt, the bugs, or the fallen tree branches. Unexpected elements can help make your run feel less like a workout, and more like playing outdoors.These three fun, fast-paced workouts will make you happy you decided to ditch the old routine.

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1. Circuit Play

Why this works: Mixing walking, running, sprinting and strength training transforms a hike from a simple walk into a full-body workout.

How it's done: As you continue along the trail, change your pace: For example, go easy for 2 to 3 minutes, pick it up a bit for 3 to 5, then sprint or speed-walk hard for 15 to 60 seconds. Recover at a slower pace until your breathing returns to normal. Then move into a strength move for 60 to 90 seconds, (push-ups and triceps dips on a log or one-legged squats on a flat, sturdy surface.) This makes up one cycle. Do 4 to 6 cycles, mixing up the strength moves and varying your speeds throughout your workout.

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