4 Knee Strengthening Exercises

Isometric Hip-Flexion Exercise

This exercise can be done either on the ground or sitting in a chair. Keep your leg straight and lift it a few inches off the ground. By doing this, it will contract the quadriceps muscles. This is a perfect way to activate and strengthen these muscles in order to get that kneecap back in correct traction mode. Do 10 sets of five-second holds per leg.

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Single-Leg Squat With Isometric Hold

When you have built up a tolerance for foam rolling and you're not feeling a lot of pain from basic stair climbing, you can now progress to the single-leg squat. Remember, you can always hold on to a chair or cane for balance. Do not go farther than a 45-degree squat. You'll put a great deal of pressure on your knee joint if you go to a 90-degree angle of lower during your recovery period.

The goal is to get your quadriceps strong and release IT-band tension so you can be functionally active again. Do three sets of 20 repetitions with a 10-second isometric hold at the end per leg.

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