4 Yoga Poses to Prevent Swimming Injuries

Dhanurasana: Bow Pose

Bow pose 

How to Do it: Lay on your belly with your arms alongside your torso, palms face up. Bend your knees and reach back to grab your ankles. Keep knees hips-width apart.

Inhale, lift the knees up and lift the thighs away from the floor. Your head and upper torso will also lift off the floor. Continue to lift the knees and thighs upward and press the feet into the hands to help deepen the stretch. Gaze forward.

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Breathe deeply to open the chest, and draw the shoulders down. Stay in pose for 20- 30 seconds and repeat one or two more times.

Why Do it: Stretches the entire front of the body, ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, throat and deep hip flexors. Strengthens the back muscles and improves posture.

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