15 Olympic Hopefuls Share Their Fit Secrets

Be Like Christina Loukas

Zero in on your goals.

After placing ninth in the 3-meter springboard in Beijing, Loukas took a break from the sport. "I wasn't sure why I was diving," she says. "It wasn't fun anymore." But after about a year, she recalls, "I realized I had so much more to accomplish. I got a burning desire to go back." They'll go wild in London if she can ace one of her favorite dives, the back 2? pike. "I'd love to hear the crowd cheer again as I come out of the water." That sounds like fun.

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Be Like Caryn Davies and Susan Francia

Blast past your limits!

In 2008, Davies and Francia helped lead their team in the Women's Eight—a grueling 1?-mile-long race—to victory. Since then, they've put in six hours of training a day, six days a week, hoping to cruise to another. If dedication wins medals, we say they're golden.

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Be Like Allyson Felix

Find what makes you dig deep.

Nicknamed Chicken Legs in high school, Felix, who sprinted to two silvers and a gold in the past two Olympics, now has two of the fastest legs in the world. In London, she hopes to put them to work to win up to four more medals. "This time around, I'm going to be selfish. I'm putting myself first!" she says. Which is exactly where we expect to find her at the end of each race.

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Be Like Dara Torres

Rock star? Athlete? Yes.

Dara Torres, a five-time Olympian, hopes to return to the pool for an age-defying encore 28 (!!) years after her debut in 1984. Now 45, Dara has her sights set on adding to her collection of 12 medals. She teaches us that other people's ideas of limits (age or otherwise) are their problem, not ours. "I thrive off challenging myself," she says. "These games are a chance to see how far I can push." We love her no-excuses approach to life.

Check out Dara's Five on 5 video, and follow her @DaraTorres.

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