5 Misconceptions of Marathon Runners

4. "If you run that far, you must get injured often."

Marathon runners get aches and pains, but they usually know to take care of themselves to avoid serious injury. Although some runners suffer from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and a few other common injuries, marathoners may add yoga or strength work to their training to reduce their chances of injury.

Marathon runners may also work to improve flexibility and strengthen their core to stay healthy, or they may take ice baths after a long run. An ice bath can help sooth aching muscles and speed up recovery.

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5. "You must not spend very much time with your family."

Many hit the road after their kids have gone to bed, or early in the morning before anyone else is awake. Others find time at work during their lunch breaks. Running at these times helps minimize absences.

Involving family while running is another way marathoners can spend quality time with their loved ones. Some run with strollers, or plan a family weekend vacation around a marathon event.

Completing a marathon is an incredibly rewarding experience. Don't allow these misconceptions to hold you back.  

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