Coach Jenny's Picks: Half Marathons in the Midwest


Hospital Hill Half Marathon – Kansas City
Many runners shy away from hilly courses, but they don't realize the enormous sense of accomplishment that comes from running them. Plus, when you learn how to run hills with efficiency, you can run faster than flat courses (really)! This classic race is a Midwestern jewel and the second oldest running half marathon in the country.  Enjoy an active scenic tour of Kansas City as you roll through the course, and then kick off your shoes, put on your newly earned flip flops and medal and celebrate your finish with a beer and BBQ at the post-race party.

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Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon – Kentucky
OK, so this one is a little close to home for me, but it's all in good fun (look at my last name). This is a pint-sized race (300 to 500 runners) with a heart that beats for miles. It has a down home feeling of community and runs through the scenic not-so-rolling hills of Kentucky and finishes in West Virginia. It runs to the theme of the famous feud between the Hatfield's and the McCoy's–all of the participants compete as one or the other (a Hatfield or a McCoy) to officially settle who won the feud (and who is faster).

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