What Do Pro Triathletes Eat for Breakfast?

Post Race/Recovery Day

Eggs in various forms topped the charts in the recovery day or when dining out category. This is due to the high protein content, which helps to speed muscle repair...oh, and because they're delicious. I'm definitely on the egg bandwagon—poached or egg white veggie omelet, if you please. Here are some other order variations:

  • Gregory: Egg white scramble.
  • McDonald: Papas con huevo breakfast taco.
  • Wee: Eggs on toast or rice with salsa and spinach.
  • Walsh: Pancakes or huge egg white omelet with lots of veggies and side of fruit salad.
  • Corbin: Breakfast burrito or egg scramble, coffee.
  • Wernick: Eggs or breakfast burrito.
  • Thomas: Omelette, hash browns.
  • Tisseyere: Blueberry pancakes or two eggs sunnyside up, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, coffee, juice.
  • McKenzie: Scrambled eggs or Eggs Benedict.

Busko was an egg-free outlier and also gets the nod for most original post race breakfast, which on a recent morning included: Brisket, sausage and beef ribs from Ironfist Texas BBQ (though he noted that it was mostly due to it being the first day of his offseason. Usually it's donuts and coffee.)

While there was plenty of variation within the responses, hearty and whole food based breakfasts are clearly a part of each athletes' morning routine. Interestingly, for athletes trying to "bring home the bacon", bacon was hardly mentioned.

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