5 Ways to Be a Happy Camper

Stay Comfortable

Be the envy of your camping crew with a few plush bedtime supplies.

  • Pillows: Forget about bundling up a pile of clothes to use as a makeshift pillow. Bring your favorite pillows from home.
  • Extra blankets: Spread them out on the tent floor for extra cushioning or use them as extra layers on cold nights.
  • Air mattress: Treat yourself to a cushy bed. A lot of air mattresses—single and double—will fit right inside your tent. Just be sure to make sure it fits before your trip.

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Stay Inspired

Memories from previous adventures are big motivators for future trips. Here are a few ways to ensure every camping trip is an inspiring one:

  • Create a bucket list: Base your camping trips around the places you've always wanted to visit in the U.S.
  • Explore: Hike a scenic trail, canoe on a nearby lake, rent bikes, go for a horseback ride. 
  • Try new things: Sign up for activities that the region is known for: Headed to Yosemite? Hire a rock climbing guide. Planning a trip to Montana? Take a fly fishing lesson.

In the end, there's only so much you can do to plan and prepare. The key to happy camping is to stay positive if something goes wrong. Often times it's the cold, wet, uncomfortable trips that make for some of the best memories?and the funniest campfire stories.

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