Daypack Essentials for Camping Adventures

  1. Weather Protection: Pack a hat and a featherweight windbreaker—preferably one treated with a UV blocker—to protect against sun, rain and cold snaps. Be sure to carry an extra pair of socks plus moleskin for blisters. If you have room, pack solar blankets, which are paper-thin and can be lifesavers. These are important for camping adventures in the snow or cold temperatures.
  1. Tools: Pack a Swiss Army knife, basic first aid supplies, sun block, insect repellent and lotion for poison ivy or stings. Finally, wear a parachute cord rescue bracelet; they look fashionable and can solve countless problems. For example, use it to rig a shelter if necessary.
  1. Toddler Equipment: If you have a toddler who rides in a carrier, bring a safety harness for the child when you stop to explore. Or, look for a carrier that comes with a safety tether built in.
  1. Paperwork: Don't forget paperwork such as personal ID, permits if required for wilderness areas, and your fishing license. Keep these in a dry pack in case it rains.

Use Proper Cleaning Methods

At the end of every trip clean and dry your daypack and the contents within it, especially if you brought snacks or flavored drinks, which can attract animals. For example, water bottles should be rinsed, dried and stored with stoppers out, and all food should be taken to the trashcan for proper disposal.

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