You Hired a Coach, Now What?

Use technology to your advantage.

You don't have to use every piece of technology available to see results. Your coach can use heart rate, pace or power data to help you progress. If you have a long-distance relationship with your coach, you can use video tools such as Coach's Eye or Dartfish to discuss technique, form and equipment fit. Even if you don't have a long-distance relationship with your coach, video can be an invaluable tool.  

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Don't overdo it.

You may have an unlimited communication package with your coach, but it is possible to overdo communications. If you're texting, emailing and/or calling your coach multiple times per day, every day, more than likely you're overdoing it.

Your coach is available to help answer questions, but they also want you to be self-sufficient. Don't turn trivial questions such as, "Should I eat oatmeal or granola for breakfast?" or "Should I wear my green shoes or the blue ones if it's raining?" into regular communications with your coach.

If you've hired a coach and invested in a coaching relationship, be sure you're completing the assigned workouts and giving the coach feedback on how you are responding to those workouts. Training is a dose/response relationship. You want the optimal response for the training dose, and for your investment.

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