4 Easy Ways to Become a Lifelong Runner

Always Think Long-Term

Every runner falls prey to the dangerous "three too's": running too much, too soon, too fast. Be cautious with your running and don't take unnecessary injury risks by running too hard or long when you're not ready.

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This happens when you try to rush your fitness and cram too many miles and hard workouts into a short period of time. Instead of worrying about weekly mileage or the really tough speed session you have planned, think about your training in terms of monthly volume and intensity.

If you're doing more now than you were doing last month (either mileage or speed intensity), then don't take too many risks with your running this month. Play it smart and err on the side of caution—it's the best injury prevention strategy you can use in your training.

Have Fun!

Running is hard work—don't let anyone tell you otherwise. To perform at your best, you'll need to run a lot of miles, prioritize recovery, and do hard workouts that aren't always comfortable.

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But that doesn't mean you should dread your training. If you're not having fun while you're training, you'll soon start resenting your workouts. Running is a precious gift to be cherished, so enjoy your running and the pursuit of a worthy goal.

These seemingly simple strategies use powerful motivational principles to help you accomplish more with less effort.  You'll feel better, get fewer injuries, and enjoy your running for years—maybe even decades.

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