3 Stretches for Time-Crunched Cyclists

Office Hamstring Stretch

This stretch helps to:

  • improve flexibility of the hamstrings.
  • stretch the calf muscles.
  • stretch lower back muscles.

Cyclists are notorious for tight hamstrings. This stretch is easily done at the office or in a chair at home. Sit near the front edge of the chair so you can put the heel of the leg that is being stretched on the floor. The foot is flexed.

As with the Marriage Proposal, keep the head, shoulders and gluteus maximus aligned. For this stretch they are not aligned perpendicular to the floor; however the forward lean does not have to be excessive in order to feel a stretch in the hamstring. An additional cue to help you feel the stretch is to "stick your tail back."

Hold the stretched position for 20 to 30 seconds or five breath cycles.

Common errors:

  • Not flexing the foot to form a 90-degree angle on the leg being stretched.
  • Twisting the hips open so the hip of the leg being stretched extends forward and in front of the resting hip.
  • Curling the torso forward. (See below photo)

Best Time to Stretch

After you've finished your ride and taken care of rehydration, it's a good time to stretch. By taking a few minutes to stretch after every ride or every other ride, you can prevent injury and maintain good body balance. This equals optimal performance.

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