3 Stretches for Time-Crunched Cyclists

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This stretch helps to:

  • improve mobility and flexibility quadriceps, in particular the rectus femorus.
  • stretch the illopsoas.

The starting position for this stretch is on the floor with one foot on the floor and the knee of the other leg is on the floor. Rodrigo can be seen demonstrating the correct position in this photo:

It is important to note that Rodrigo's right knee is directly over his ankle. His left knee is slightly behind his hip; but the back of his head, upper back and gluteus maximus are in a line perpendicular to the floor. Misty is holding a wooden dowel so it is easier to see the alignment.

The stretch is achieved by the left knee being slightly behind the hip. Notice you could run a wooden dowel through Rodrigo's hips into the wall, parallel to the floor. Hold the stretched position for 20 to 30 seconds or five breath cycles and repeat on the other side.

Common errors:

  • Hyperextending the spine so the head, shoulders and gluteus maximus are no longer in a line perpendicular to the floor. (See Marriage Proposal incorrect 2.)
  • Driving the right knee over the front of the supporting foot, often beyond the toes.
  • Twisting the hips open so they are no longer aligned parallel to the floor and dropping the head. (See photo below).

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