Review: SCOTT Foil 10


The Syncros wheels performed better than expected, though an upgrade here would turn this already terrific bike into a real racing machine. The weight of the RR2.0 lean on the heavy side, but they're at least good enough to be used as a really good training wheel or a low-end race wheel if you're strapped for cash.

The Verdict


Overall, the Foil 10 offers the best blend of aerodynamics, stiffness and handling of any bike we've tested. Whether you like to climb, tackle rolling hills, or go solo on long breakaways, the Foil 10 was made to tackle any challenge you're prepared to take.

If you've got the money to upgrade to a better wheel set and a carbon handlebar, you'll have a rig that's every bit as good as the one used in the Tour de France. Even if you decide to keep this bike as is, for the $3,800 price tag you won't find a ride that's a better overall value.

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