Review: SCOTT Foil 10

The Ride


From the first push on the pedals, you'll be able to tell that this bike was built with speed in mind. The frame is responsive and accelerates like a rocket on flat roads. What's most impressive is what you'll get from the bike once the road starts to inclide. Aero frames such as this one usually sacrifice climbing performance in the name of speed. Surprisingly, this bike doesn't and accelerates just as well when the pitch is steep as it does when the road is flat.  


The beefed up head tube does make the ride slightly harsh over rough roads, but you can expect to sacrifice some comfort with a fast frame. On long rides, the aluminum Syncros handlebar lacked comfort too--a carbon upgrade would do wonders to dampen road vibration on rides more than 60 miles.

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The frame is extremely stable on descents despite its short wheelbase, which made the bike handling of the Foil 10 one of its best qualities. It goes exactly where you want it to and never feels shaky, even at high speeds on long descents or when leaning into sharp corners.


The new Ultegra group set is a workhorse of Shimano's and the quality of the shifting and braking is right up there with the best available. It's a little heavier than Durace, but performs well enough to be suitable for racing.

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