Review: SCOTT Foil 10

If you look around the pro peloton at the Tour de France, you're likely to get a glimpse of SCOTT's Foil 10 under the riders of Team Orica-Green Edge and Team I Am Cycling. While those bikes are outfitted with the highest-end components and the lightest wheels available, the stock version available in stores isn't much different from the pro version. And for a price under $4,000, it might be one of the best value bikes of the year.

The Specs


Frame: FOIL/HMX Carbon/FO1 Aero Technology

Fork: Foil HMX Carbon

Headset: Ritchey PRO Integrated

Components: Shimano Ultegra

Handlebar/Stem: Syncros RR2.0

Wheelset: Syncros RR2.0

Seatpost: Ritchey FOIL Aero Pro Carbon

Tires: Continental Grand Sport Race

Overall Weight: 16.5 pounds

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The Frame


The frame of the Foil 10 uses HMX carbon, which is claimed to be one of the strongest and stiffest carbons in the world. The tube shapes, unlike other frames that base the design off of aircraft testing in wind tunnels, uses FO1 technology that's designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower speeds.

The Foil 10's large, wide tubes may not look like an aero frame at first glance. SCOTT works within the UCI's 3:1 tube profile regulations to gain aerodynamic advantages by changing shapes and angles from front to back to maximize efficiency of airflow. The top tube is wider in the front and tapers to a narrower shape near the seat tube to create a smooth, streamline effect. The beefed up bottom bracket makes the bike accelerate quickly, allowing the transfer of power from the frame to the pedals that's good enough to make a sprinter happy.

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