4 Common Cycling Injuries (And How to Prevent Them)

Illiotibial (IT) Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome can be caused by a weakness in the gluteal muscles. "We see the IT Band causing pain in the hip for cyclists, whereas it causes pain near the knee in many runners," says Dr. Leisz. As the IT Band tightens, the pain tends to get worse as training continues.


  • Use a foam roller to roll out and stretch the entire length of the IT Band
  • Back off of activity for several days to allow the inflammation to go down


  • Strengthen gluteal muscles and hip abductors with the following exercises:
    • Lunges
    • Side leg lifts
  • Make sure your bike pedals are properly calibrated

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Bike Fit That Doesn't Fit

An increase in training intensity or volume can produce cycling injuries, but surprisingly, improper bike fit may be the biggest culprit.

"Poor bike fit is a contributing factor to a lot of bike injuries," says Dr. Leisz. "When your pedals are calibrated incorrectly or the angle of the seat is wrong, injuries can occur."


  • Take your bike to a certified bike shot to get your fit adjusted correctly.

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