13 Tips to Green Your RV Galley

10. Most butchers are happy to custom cut and wrap meats. Don't transport bone, fat, gristle and skin if you can avoid it.

11. RV refrigerators are absorption type which are slow to cool and recover. Chill or freeze items at home first, then let the refrigerator cool overnight before filling it for your trip.

12. Pre-clean dishes with a rubber scraper, not running water.

13. Slow cookers are popular with RVers, but choose one with a metal insert, not heavy crockery. It's lighter and dual-purpose. For example, the metal pan can be used to brown meat on the stove before slow cooking.

Traveling lean and green is not just a luxury; it's better for your wallet and the environment. So, don't weigh your rig down with an overstocked kitchen. Instead, make conscious choices to outfit your RV galley with food, cookware and beverages that are light and minimize waste.

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