30 Ways to Become a Healthier Triathlete

11. Listen to or play music each day.

12. Consume 10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day—not a difficult task if you want to be healthy and fit.

13. Always eat breakfast. It's a necessity to fuel your body after an all night fast.

Master Your Morning with a Better Breakfast

14. Build the body's fat-burning mechanism—the aerobic system. Easy aerobic workouts accomplish this best.

15. Remember this equation: Training = Work + Rest

16. Avoid missing meals. Plan ahead, or always have a healthy energy bar available (best made at home).

17. Eat only healthy snacks. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, leftovers from a previous meal.

18. Eat only healthy desserts. They should also be delicious, and easy to make at home. Organic cocoa has many health benefits.

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19. After awakening, look outside at the morning sky. Daylight into the eyes, without glasses or contacts, is great for the brain and body. (But please don't stare directly at the sun.)

20. Drink a medium glass of warm water first thing in the morning to help get the gut turned on.

21. Put on your shoes, and lace them, while standing. This can help train your brain to better balance the body. These improvements can help reduce the risk of injury, while improving the swimming, biking and running gait.

22. Take your shoes off as much as possible during the day. Whether at work, home, or elsewhere, being barefoot is a great therapy for the whole body.

23. Avoid the stress of radio, TV and Internet commercials.

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24. Train only with people you enjoy being with. Or train alone to pay better attention to what your body is saying.

25. Save fruit juice, sports drinks and similar products for workouts and races. Avoid them as part of your daily diet.

26. A lingering injury or illness may require the help of the right professional. If you don't yet have one, keep searching.

27. Make your own real-food workout fuel from healthy ingredients.

28. Measure your waist every month or two—don't allow it to get larger unless you're still growing.

29. All your shoes should be the flattest, least supported and most comfortable. Pay little attention to size—use fit to assure they're right for you.

30. Perform my MAF test each month—don't allow your aerobic system to get slower.

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