3 Elite Trail Runners on Core and Strength Training

Side-Stepping Planks 
  • Get into the regular (prone) plank position. 
  • Step your left leg one foot to the left, then follow it with your right foot. Now your plank position will be offset a bit. 
  • Keep side-stepping left until your legs are close to perpendicular with your torso before side-stepping your way back to the regular plank position. 
  • Keep the movements slow and gradual so that each side-stepping plank takes about 45 seconds to complete. 
  • Increase tension in your core to maintain the integrity of your position. 
  • Focus on engaging the muscles of your shoulders and upper back so that your scapula bones stay flat against your back. 
  • Begin with three side-stepping planks on each side; build until you can do 10 on each side
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Walking Lunges 
  • Step forward and lower into a regular lunge position. 
  • Instead of pushing backward to return to your original standing position, straighten both legs until the knees are almost straight, then push onto the forward leg. 
  • Bring the trailing leg through, in front of you, and then sink down into a lunge position. 
  • As you walk between each lunge position, focus on engaging your core so that your torso stays perpendicular to the ground. 
  • Repeat 10 times so that you have done 5 alternating lunges on each leg. 
  • Build up until you can do 3 sets of 20 walking lunges. 
  • As you advance, add weight by carrying jugs of water/something heavy in each hand.

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