8 Timesaving Tips to Improve Your Swim

Training on land is just as important as training in the water. Here are three more tips to make the most of your time outside of the water.

6. Build Strength With Stretch Cords

Plan to work in four short-stretch cord sessions every week. Break down the stroke into its different movements: the front-end catch, full stroke, and backend push through. Log repetitions as well: 25 front-end catch, 50 full stroke, 25 push back finish. In all of this, focus on perfect form so you get the extra benefit of honing your technique while you're building swim-specific strength. Stand on pillows or a Bosu ball to build core stability too.

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7. Lengthen Tight Muscles

Tight ankles, shoulders, and hips limit your ability to get longer and smoother in the water.  During your daily stretch routine, pay special attention to these key areas to achieve greater range of motion and, ultimately, longer distance per stroke.

8. Visualize a Smooth Swim

Your imagination is a powerful training tool, yet it's often ignored. Spend a few minutes several times a week visualizing yourself being smooth and relaxed while swimming. 

It takes great technique, frequency and volume to swim better. But, if you can't get to the pool as often as you like, use these tactics to build your confidence and abilities in the water.

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