15 Tips to Cook With Your Kids

Take Turns

You may want to let your children participate in each step of the recipe. This may take longer, but cooking with children is as much about process as it is about product.

Don't Be Hungry

It's easier to enjoy cooking together if you're not starving. Pick a healthy snack before you start.

Be spontaneous

To avoid a trip to the store, make simple substitutions. Cornmeal can sometimes replace flour. Use vegetable oil instead of melted butter. Or, try applesauce instead of oil.

Introduce New Foods

Children often will try unfamiliar foods, including vegetables and fruits, when they transform them into personal creations like a funny face pizza or a fruit kabob.

Make a Special Sandwich

Cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters makes them unique and memorable. Decorate with vegetables and fruits to transform a simple sandwich into a sandwich face.

A Happy Kitchen is a Clean Kitchen

Make set-up and clean-up part of the routine. Turn on music and dance around while you wash dishes with your kids. If you make the set-up and clean-up process fun your kids won't mind helping out.

Enjoy the Experience

You're teaching your children about healthy choices and other important tools to help them grow. Enjoy the time you spend with them as they grow up quickly.

Active logoFor more family fun try a cooking class together.

Parenting & Education Examiner Rhonda Cratty is a Denver-area mom, teacher and writer.

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