The Best Camping Food for Picky Eaters

Give Favorite Foods a Twist

If pizza is the one meal you can count on your kids eating, then why not cook that? There are a few ways to make your pizza at the campsite, so pick the one you'd like to try.  

Dutch Oven Pizza

Spray your Dutch oven with non-stick cooking spray, and press pre-made pizza dough onto the bottom. Cover it with sauce and your favorite toppings, except the cheese. Stick your Dutch over into the coals; let it sit for 10 minutes. Add the cheese and bake the pizza for another 5 minutes or until the cheese has melted. Remember that when cooking pizza with a Dutch oven, you want about 2/3 of your briquettes on top and 1/3 on the bottom, which will ensure the top and bottom of your pizza cook evenly.

Traditional Campfire Pizza

If you want to use a simpler approach, cook your pizza on the grate of your fire pit. Cover the grate with heavy-duty aluminum foil, let your fire burn down to hot coals, and lower the grate over the fire. Use a pre-made pizza crust, or make your own at home and take it with you, and cover it in your picky eater's favorite toppings. Cook your pizza on the foil until the cheese is melted. If you have a large pot or the top to one, cover the pizza. This will help the cheese melt.

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When in Doubt, Make Pasta

Besides peanut butter and jelly, the simplest camping meal for picky eaters is pasta. Boil water on a camping stove or a fire pit grate, cook the noodles, drain them and then add sauce. Use your little one's favorite combination or try one of these:

  • Penne with Parmesan cheese and vodka cream sauce
  • Bow tie pasta with pesto
  • Macaroni noodles with ground beef and red sauce

With a little preparation you can transform the foods your picky eaters love into something that's camping friendly. Let them help in the process, and everyone will be able to enjoy a delicious camp meal around the fire.

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