10 Tips for Planning Healthy Meals on a Budget

8. Write down your meals.

Make note of what you will be having which night, including breakfast and lunches. Save the roast for a lazy weekend day, and schedule English muffin pizzas on soccer night. Remember which meals will make enough for leftovers. Hang this on your fridge so everyone can see the menu for the week.

9. Take a list grocery shopping.

Stay focused. Try not to go shopping while hungry or distracted so you can stay true to the list you have worked so hard on.

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10. Prepare food immediately.

When you come home from the store, portion out your snack bags and wash and chop all your vegetables before putting them away. Make whatever you can that day, such as the turkey chili and refrigerate or freeze it in individual containers depending on which night it will be served. Bake all your chicken before wrapping and freezing it so you can just reheat it on a late work night with frozen vegetables and rice.

Remember that no matter how busy you are, your health is a top priority. You can have gourmet, homemade meals with just a little planning on the weekends. Save money and feel better both physically and mentally knowing you have a plan.

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