10 Tips for Planning Healthy Meals on a Budget

  • Pantry Items. Chick peas and beans are a great protein source and can easily add bulk to salads, healthy canned soups, and make great side dishes.
    • Side Dishes. Buy frozen vegetables to create a side dish in two minutes. Brown rice can be made in bulk on cooking day, or purchase the microwaveable bags for simplicity. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and can be prepared in the microwave in five minutes.
    • Quick Meals. Grilled paninis can come together in minutes, English muffin pizzas with vegetables are kid-friendly, and Greek salad wraps are distinctive and healthy.
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    5. Take advantage of spices.

    A chicken and vegetable stir fry can be a completely different dish with a dash of cumin one night and rosemary the next night.

    6. Think of breakfast and snack ideas.

    Examples include:

    • String cheese
    • Fruit
    • Chopped vegetables and hummus
    • Nuts

    7. Fill in the gaps.

    Consider what spices, pantry items and other staples you need to round out your list.

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