Ski Etiquette: What Not to Do on the Mountain

Ski and snowboard season is in full effect. The mountains are blanketed white, the skies are blue, the air fresh and crisp?and the runs are getting more crowded, the lines longer and the lodges more packed.

Winter is one magical day after the next ? until someone with bad ski etiquette ruins it for everyone else. It's always good to stay thoughtful and keep yourself—and your friends, family or acquaintances—in check.

Here's a list of things not to do this ski season:

Wave Your Poles Around

Keep them under wraps—on the slope, in the lift line, walking to the lodge, always. There's nothing worse than getting whacked, poked and your skis or snowboard scratched by the end of someone else's poles in the lift line.

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Drop Your Trash

Seriously? Do you really not own a jacket with pockets? Sure, bring along that energy bar or some candy or gum for the chairlift ride, but keep the wrapper in your pocket until you get to a trash can, for Pete's sake. Didn't littering go out of style in, like, 1979?

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