18 Healthy Holiday Ingredient Swaps

Eggnog, Mulled Wine and Other Beverages Swaps

Exchange high-fat eggnog, sugary mulled wine and high-calorie cocktails for healthier options such as hot chocolate made with skim milk, wine spritzers and hot apple cider. Keep your system clean by sipping lemon water throughout the day and with meals. When drinking wine, red is healthier than white, as it contains antioxidants.

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Dessert Swaps

Yes, you can have your holiday cake (or cookies or pie) and eat it, too. Heed these tips for guilt-free treats.

  • Use almond or coconut milk instead of condensed milk.
  • Sweeten with grade B maple sugar or raw honey. (This may not work with all recipes.)
  • Replace butter or shortening with organic coconut oil. Even mixing half butter with half coconut oil is beneficial.
  • Use whole-wheat flour or almond flour in pastry crust recipes. Or, go crustless.
  • Instead of prepared pie crust, use phyllo dough. For an average-size pie, thaw five sheets of phyllo dough. Coat each sheet with cooking spray and layer in a pie pan. Fill and bake.
  • Prepare a fruit galette. This "open face" tart is essentially a pie without the top crust.
  • Opt for a fruit crisp. Top apples, peaches, pears or any combination with a mixture of oatmeal, natural brown sugar and a small amount of butter or a butter/coconut fat mixture.

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