Spring Clean Your Pantry

Step 4: Organize Like Items with Like

This idea may seem extremely intuitive, but it begs to be mentioned.

When re-organizing your food think of how grocery store aisles are arranged. Do you find cereal next to canned tomatoes? It's probably not the best system in your pantry either.

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Keep like items together. Flours all in one place, nuts and seeds, pasta/grains, canned items, oils/vinegars/sauces in one area--you get the picture. Be sure to put oldest items in the front, so they are easily accessible.

When reorganizing your fridge you want your fruits, veggies, and whole foods to be the most visible. When you open your fridge the first thing you see should be a super healthy option.

Step 5: Restock, Label, Date and Rotate

Now that your kitchen is clean, and cleared of old items and junk food—it's time to restock with fresh, healthy options. But as you lay in your new supply of whole grains, lean proteins, fresh produce, nuts, spices, and oils—make sure all your items are properly labeled and dated.

I am a big fan of glass food storage containers, for this reason: you can see clearly what's inside and can easily label and date using a dry erase marker.

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Step 6: Keep an Inventory

Don't get overwhelmed by this step, I happen to find it very helpful to keep a running inventory of food I have on hand. Either use a dry erase board or a simple notepad hung on your fridge. Having a visual cue will keep you motivated to make healthy choices and utilize the food that you have. This will also cut down on over-buying and waste.

It is estimated that 40 percent of all food produced in this country is thrown away. Cut down on your own kitchen waste by following the steps above, including rotating, dating, labeling and keeping an inventory of your food.

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