6 Time-Saving Tips for Campsite Cooking

5. Boil Water While You Eat

Part of cooking is cleaning up. Make this part of the process even faster by boiling water before you sit down to eat. Keep a pot of water over low heat and by the time you take your last bite you'll have hot water to clean your dishes.

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6. Enjoy No-Cook Meals

Instead of making every meal over a fire, which can be time consuming, avoid cooking altogether. No-cook meals take significantly less time to prepare. Pack the following to avoid cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Yogurt and granola
Fruit with nuts
Cold cut sandwich
Tuna salad
Cheese board

These tips can shave minutes to hours off your time spent cooking at the campsite. Whether you prep your food beforehand, or opt for no-cooked meals, don't let meal prep hold you back from exploring with your family or just relaxing for another few minutes.

Want more no-cook meal ideas? Here are 15 recipes to try.

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