How to Maintain Running Speed in the Offseason

Workout #2

Warm up 15 minutes at an aerobic pace (Zone 1 to 2 intensity)

Do two or three rounds of:

  • 60 seconds at 10k pace on 1% grade (2:00 recovery at zero grade)
  • 45 seconds at 10k pace on 2% grade (2:15 recovery at zero grade)
  • 30 seconds at 10k pace on 3% grade (2:30 recovery at zero grade)

Easy jog for 5 to 10 minutes at the end to cool down

Total time 38 to 52 minutes

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You'll notice that the workout times seem unusual. Know that it's okay to allow your workout time to be unusual numbers and not those that are evenly divisible by 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Challenge yourself to change routine, even something as simple as workout time.

Workout #1 is good for Olympic- and sprint-distance racers. The second workout is good for Olympic and 70.3 racers. Ironman athletes can also use this workout, but may want to use 70.3 pace rather than 10K pace.

Racers going any distance can use the first workout as some over-race-pace speed training, but be sure the workout is well-placed within a training week and the overall training plan.

By keeping small amounts of race-pace running in your training plan, it will be easier to increase time at pace when you get closer to your competitive season. These small race-pace segments shouldn't negatively affect your offseason recovery and training.

May your upcoming race season be filled with PRs!

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